Welcome to Khronos Chapters

Are you on the leading edge of standards innovation?

Finding yourself in debates about HTML 5 vs WebGL?

Do you hang out on social media chatting about Khronos APIs?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then harness your passion by getting involved with your local Khronos Chapter, or taking a leadership role and starting your own!

What is a Khronos Chapter?

Khronos Chapters are local groups of Khronos API users who get together on a regular basis (virtually and/or in person) to expand their understanding of Khronos APIs, share their technical achievements (and get help with challenges), and socialize with like-minded colleagues.

Each Chapter charts its own course and pursues activities that serve its own members’ interests.  Most Chapters have their own social media feeds and blogs and host “online meet ups.” Many also organize in-person local Chapter meetings to learn and socialize with other Khronos API enthusiasts. Others compete in cross-Chapter “hack-fests” and other contests.  

How do I Join a Chapter?

Check out the list of upcoming chapter meetings and contact the Chapter Leader to get involved.

Who can be a Khronos Chapter Leader and What is Expected of the Role?

Chapter Leaders are Khronos members in the development community who volunteer to help spread understanding and awareness of Khronos APIs.  While the overall Khronos Chapters initiative gets direction and management from Khronos Group, individual Khronos Chapters activities are organized and directed by local passionate Khronos API evangelists like you.

Local Chapters Leaders organize meetings and other events, invite guest speakers, and provide a social outlet to discuss and learn more about Khronos APIs.  

Chapter Leaders are encouraged to invite other volunteers to help with day to day Chapter management as the Chapter grows, with roles such as Treasurer, Events Manager, Student or Employer Liaison, and others.

Download the Khronos Chapter Program Overview document.

Your Local Chapter Needs You!

Build your skills, expand your knowledge, and have fun doing it! Get involved with like minded academic and industry professionals in your community who live and breathe Khronos APIs.

Visit a Local Chapter Meeting

Check out the list of upcoming chapter meetings and contact the Chapter Leader to get involved.
* Please note that all upcoming meetings are not always posted (Chapter members are all volunteers and may be too busy writing code to always post updates), so if you don’t see a meeting listed, you should contact the local Chapter Leader to find out if one might still be scheduled.

Upcoming meetings

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