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Jacobo Rodríguez Villar
Leader:Jacobo Rodríguez Villar
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I've been working with OpenGL since the 1.1 version (yes, I remember when the multitexture extension was added!) from today. I was also an active Khronos Group technologies supporter, writting educational content: online/offline courses, tutorials, University courses, and free applications that helped people to understand and work with GLSL shaders (OpenGL Shader Designer) Also, I adopted the mobile version in its first version too (OpenGL|ES), and started to write mobile applications and games. During the last 6 years I worked extensively with the OpenGL & OpenCL combo to accelerate Computer Vision and Digital Photogrammetry algorithms that made Orthoware the Digital Photogrammetry application with the fastest and smoothest user experience in the market. I also used this technologie in the Completeness and Metrology Industrial fields, to find 100% cicle-time measurement solutions. I'm also one of the holders of an European Patent of a system to scan completely a human body. Additional information for Jacobo can be found on his LinkedIn profile.
Location:Gijón, Spain
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