Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meetings

Chapter MeetingDatesLocation
Christmas Meet Up/Party/Networking Dec 12th, 2017 London , England
Let’s talk about 3D graphics development vol.3 Nov 27th, 2017 Prague, Czech Republic
Graphics Meeting in Pub (Art + Science + Design + Engineering) Nov 20th, 2017 Sydney, Australia
3D / Mixed Reality Day @ Microsoft House - Fall Edition Nov 14th, 2017 Milano, Italy
OpenXR gains momentum Nov 08th, 2017 Cambridge, MA, USA
Vulkan Workshop: Introduction to the Vulkan API Oct 18th, 2017 New York, New York, USA
Women in WebVR San Francisco Oct 13th, 2017 San Francisco, CA, UsA
Munich Khronos Chapter Meeting Oct 13th, 2017 Munchen, Germany
OpenVG - Vector Graphics on the Pi Oct 11th, 2017 Boston, USA
Moving to Vulkan Oct 05th, 2017 Bangalore, India
WebGL and GLSL Intro (Academy and Pixel Spirit) Oct 03rd, 2017 London, England
Saurabh Bhatia, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft covering gLTF Sep 28th, 2017 Seattle, Washington
Geometric Visual Analytics. Immersive Narrative Experience. Sep 27th, 2017 Sydney, Australia
WebVR: Potential Within The Open Web Sep 25th, 2017 Portland, Oregon USA
High-dynamic-range Rendering in Floored’s Luma Engine Sep 20th, 2017 New York, USA
DataViz : Immersive Analytics Sep 19th, 2017 Toulouse, France
Khronos APIs on the Raspberry Pi Sep 13th, 2017
VR and AR on the web Sep 05th, 2017 London, England
EPIC Lecture: Painting with Code and Immersive Virtual Measurement & Analytics Aug 16th, 2017 Sydney, Australia
Summer BBQ w/ Special Guests Daniel Appelquist, Samsung & W3C Technical Aug 12th, 2017 Seattle, Washington, USA
WebGL 2 Development Using PicoGL.js Aug 09th, 2017 New York, New York, USA
OpenGL 4.6 Release - 25 years of OpenGL Aug 09th, 2017 Boston, USA
WebGL Academy Aug 01st, 2017 London, England
Implementing a Particle System with WebGL 2 and Transform Feedback Jul 12th, 2017 New York, New York USA
La 3D sur le web Jun 28th, 2017 Toulouse, Paris
360 Film and the Future of Immersive Storytelling Jun 26th, 2017 Portland, Oregon
Introduction to using Imgui and general discussion about WebGL, Vulkan, OpenGL Jun 23rd, 2017 Austin, Texas
Let’s talk about 3D graphics development vol.2 Jun 20th, 2017 Prague, Czech Republic
@party Debrief Jun 14th, 2017 Cambridge, MA, USA
WebGL Workshop # 1: Intro to the GPU Rendering Pipeline and WebGL API Jun 14th, 2017 New York, New York
A night w/ Nick Whiting, Unreal Engine, Chair of the Khronos OpenXR initiative Jun 08th, 2017 Seattle, Washington
3D / Mixed Reality Day @ Microsoft House Jun 06th, 2017 Milano, Italy
Meet Khronos: What Is Heterogeneous Computing and OpenCL? May 16th, 2017 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Introduction to WebGL 1.0 and 2.0 May 16th, 2017 London, ngland
OpenGL/GLSL workshop for @party Preparation - Get your demos ready! May 10th, 2017 Cambridge, MA, USA
Khronos Seattle Launch & Hacker News Meetup May 2nd, 2017 @ Atlas Workbase May 02nd, 2017 Seattle, Washington
Second meetup! Vulkan and glTF Apr 28th, 2017 Munchen, Germany
Munich Khronos Chapter Meeting Apr 28th, 2017 Munich, Germany
All About Models & glTF Apr 25th, 2017 London, England
Computer Graphics on the Web Apr 13th, 2017 Victoria, Australia
[Encore] WebGL Workshop # 1: Intro to the GPU Rendering Pipeline and WebGL API Apr 12th, 2017 New York, USA
Workshop: Graphical Demo Effects in OpenGL Apr 12th, 2017 Cambridge, Boston
Taking Interior Design to the Web @ Design Week Apr 05th, 2017 Milano, Italy
All About Models & glTF Apr 04th, 2017 London, England
Let’s talk about 3D graphics development Mar 29th, 2017 Prague, Czechia
WebGL - An Introduction to Programming 3D with WebGL and HTML5 Mar 28th, 2017 London, England
Romanian Khronos Chapter Meeting Mar 18th, 2017 Cluj, Romania
OpenXR and 3D Portability Mar 15th, 2017 Cambridge, MA
Lisp on the GPU: For a twisted sort of fun & questionable profit Mar 13th, 2017 Oslo, Norway
3D DataViz @ Visualized Milan 2017 Mar 11th, 2017 Milano, Italy

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