Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meeting

Graphics tools for the web! Deep dive on Firefox and Chrome web tools

Date: Thursday, August 21, 2014

Location: Verold 266 King st West (2nd Floor) , Toronto, ON

Signup: Toronto Meetup event page

If you work in graphics, you live and die by your tools. if you work in graphics for the web, this means Chrome or Firefox developer tools. It’s an arms race, each pushing the tools (and the web) forward.

For our next Khronos Toronto meetup, we’re delighted to have Victor Porof from the Mozilla DevTools team here to talk about the latest and greatest graphics tools for Firefox. By way of bio, all I can say is that Victor has been doing GL a long time!

To offer counterbalance, Mike Bond and Derrick Weis from Verold will present the graphics tools available in Chrome’s developer tools. These guys recently deployed a WebGL campaigns for Kindle that reached hundreds of thousands of users, and manage the Verold community site with users on pretty much any device/OS/browser combination imaginable. They’ll walk through the tool chain that they use for debugging and performance optimization.

Khronos is the open source consortium behind the graphics standards you love, WebGL, WebCL, OpenCL, OpenGL, and many more. The Toronto chapter is hosted by the team at Verold, and is your place to come out and meet like-minded graphics folks. We’re trying to make this a monthly meetup, so if you have a topic to share, bring it! All Khronos standards welcome.

I know this is going to be a lively session, your chance to weigh in on your favourite toolkit.

Oh, and for the OpenGL folks out there - we want to see you here as well. Let’s compare web graphics tools to native graphics tools. If you’d like to speak at an upcoming event, let us know.

See you there!

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