Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meeting

Sydney meets the Khronos technology

​Thursday, October 17, 2013 @ 6:00 PM

CSIRO Riverside Life Sciences Centre
11 Julius Avenue North Ryde NSW 2113, North Ryde

  • 1800-1810: Welcome and Introductions
  • 1810-1825: The Khronos Group and Chapters (Tomasz Bednarz)
  • 1800-1810: Welcome and Introductions
  • 1810-1825: The Khronos Group and Chapters (Tomasz Bednarz)
  • 1825-1845: The Fall and Rise of OpenGL for Games (Conan Bourke)
  • 1845-1905: The Augmented Web (Rob Manson)
  • 1905-1930: Visit to CSIRO Vis Lab
  • 1930-2100: Pizza and beer

Join us, and be lucky to win an OpenGL Khronos sponsored t-shirt grin

We are also looking for future speakers grin So be the one grin


The Fall and Rise of OpenGL for Games by Conan Bourke

DirectX has been the king of graphics API’s for years, driving the market and helping define a standard for all games. But now, with the proliferation of new hardware and platforms, and the lack of updates to DirectX, OpenGL has claimed its rightful throne as king of the API’s. But for how long?

The Augmented Web by Rob Manson

Overview:The Augmented Web brings a unique perspective that pushes standards,APIs, hardware and the broader web platform to the edge of theirperformance limits.

The Augmented Web embraces the changes brought about by WebRTC and otherHTML5 related standards including Geolocation, DeviceOrientation,DeviceMotion, WebGL, Web Audio, Media Capture & Streams and more.

The Augmented Web integrates all of these disparate technologies intoone integrated new vision for the web - the sensor driven real-time webof things.

This session will look at working applications that clearly point towhere this new path is taking us. It will demonstrate why WebRTC isunleashing the Augmented Web and which upcoming Khronos standards willlead the way.

Bio: Rob Manson is CEO & co-founder of buildAR.com,the world’s leading Augmented Reality Content Management System. Rob isthe Chair of the W3C Augmented Web CG and an Invited Expert with theISO, W3C and the Khronos Group. He is one of the co-founders ofARStandards.org and is an active evangelist within the global AR andstandards communities. He’s regularly invited to speak on the topics ofthe Augmented Web, Augmented Reality, WebRTC and multi-device platforms.

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