Prague, Czech Republic Chapter

Message from Chapter Leader

The Khronos Prague Chapter will focus primarily on graphics standards including OpenGL, OpenGL ES, WebGL and in future Vulkan. Our next goal will be to promote GPU computation in OpenCL. We hope our Chapter will connect developers using Khronos APIs and let them establish a platform for discussions and exchanging their experiences within these open standards.

Chapter Leader

Ondřej Smrž
Leader:Ondřej Smrž
Contact:.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Title:Senior 3D graphics programmer
3D graphics programmer with long practise in professional development of civil engineering software. Specialization in visualization of science data and spatial structures, computational geometry, geometric modelling, linear algebra, finite elements analysis, geometrical and topological data structures, big data processing, optimizing computation for heterogeneous CPU/GPU systems. Favourite Khronos API: OpenGL (since version 1.1) , OpenCL and Vulkan (soon smile ). M.S. in Computer Science from Czech Technical University in Prague.
Location:Prague, Czech Republic
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