Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meeting

Game Development with Unity WebGL

  • StartMiUp - Donatello

    Via Donatello 30, Milano, MI (edit map)

  • M2 Piola

  • Join us for a special event, discovering why Unity is the leading Game Engine and introducing Unity WebGL.

    Come and learn about Unity WebGL directly from Marco Trivellato, one of its main developer and contributor, reaching us from Cambridge, UK. Discover what Unity WebGL is and its leading features compared to other technologies for developing interactive web applications and games.

    Going deeper, find out how to optimize your existing Unity projects for WebGL, focusing on memory, graphics performances, and much more.

    Featured Speaker

    Marco Trivellato has worked in the gaming industry since 1999 in Italy, Canada and UK as a software developer for companies such as Milestone, Electronic Arts and Next Level Games, being directly involved and adding his contribution in projects as FIFA, Fight Night 3 and Captain America: Super Soldier.

    After years spent developing proprietary game engines, Marco joined Unity Technologies where has been working on Unity WebGL, their new build target for deploying to the Web.

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