Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meeting

GPU Acceleration for Tile Based Deferred Renderers: Making Mobile Graphics Fast

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  • Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) - 14th Floor

    1 Broadway (crossing of Broadway & 3rd St), Cambridge, MA, Cambridge, MA (map)

  • The recent advent of mobile VR devices requires a drastic reduction in the utilization of bus bandwidth as well as minimizing render time through optimized shader computation. The extreme low latency requirements to reduce motion to photon delays is putting added pressure on the GPU to be highly performant. Applications and system drivers need to better communicate with each other to evoke the intended rendering and available functionality respectively. Learn to better understand your underlying hardware to exploit the features in the core graphics APIs and their extensions for OpenGL ES and Vulkan.

    Nigel Williams is a graphics driver software engineer for the Adreno GPU, a part of the Snapdragon SoC, at Qualcomm. He works on both the OpenGL ES and Vulkan drivers.

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