Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meeting

Khronos Seattle Launch & Hacker News Meetup May 2nd, 2017 @ Atlas Workbase

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  • Atlas Workbase

    500 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109, Seattle, WA (edit map)

  • Atlas Workbase 500 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109

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    Tim Reha, CNDY Factory & Tim Kitchen, Seattle Hacker News Meetup + partners team up to launch Seattle’s new Khronos Chapter Meetup http://www.khronos.org .

    At the launch event we will open up the direction of the chapter, discuss the future of the 3D Web and new Khronos Standards such as OpenXR, and collective insights to help build the future for the industry and XR startups.

    Location: Atlas Workbase http://www.atlasworkbase.com
    500 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109

    Parking: Free parking in QFC parking lot at 500 Mercer, entrance is located on the NE corner of the building.

    Fee: $5 Suggested Donation, pay at the door.

    Schedule: Show up early and beat traffic, sign up at the desk day of show for your free 3-day Atlas Workbase Trial and relax.

    5:00pm-6:30pm Pre-event networking, pizza and beverages at Atlas Workbase
    6:30pm-7:00pm Welcome, Intro to Partners, About Khronos Group and Mission
    7:00pm-8:00pm Fireside chat with Vinay Narayan, HTC Vive, “Roadmap to the XR Future” + Guests
    8:00pm-8:30pm Open discussion and wrap up
    8:30pm - Walk to After Event Bar for post event networking

    Fireside Conversation: Khronos Group, Open Standards and the future. How does the NW build a leadership position and connect with the world to develop the industry in professional sectors such as medical, architecture, construction, engineering, robotics, advanced manufacturing, esports and space exploration? This is an highly focused, executive level event.

    Vinay Narayan
    Executive Director, VR @ HTC VIVE
    VR Strategist and Advisor

    Mr. Vinay Narayan will cover the importance of industry standards such as the Khronos Group and new OpenXR movement to create an open and royalty-free standard for VR and AR applications and devices. The NW region is a strategic hub for core technology companies such as Valve, HTC Vive, Unity, Unreal, Oculus, Microsoft, Amazon and others that are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the 3D Web and new XR technologies.

    Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinaynarayan
    Company: http://www.htcvive.com

    Joe Ludwig
    Programmer and Augmented Reality Enthusiast
    Valve Corporation

    As part of the VR team at Valve, Joe has been working on all aspects of virtual reality systems since 2012. These days he spends much of his time contributing to the OpenXR effort at Kronos. He will discuss his role at Valve and the organization’s hopes for standards and the future of OpenXR.

    Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joe-ludwig-36a5872/
    Company: http://www.valve.com

    Stephanie Hurlburt

    Stephanie is a co-founder and graphics engineer at Binomial, making Basis, a texture compressor used widely in the industry. Texture compression is an especially large bottleneck in VR applications, and she hopes she can enable better VR experiences through allowing for better streaming, smaller download sizes, and better quality VR experiences. She’s active in the 3D Formats Working Group within Khrono to make a standardized format for texture data.

    Website: binomial.info
    Social media: @sehurlburt

    Ryan Wang
    Co-founder and General Partner
    Outpost Capital

    Ryan Wang is Co-founder and General Partner of Outpost Capital, the first Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund focusing on VR/AR/new frontier technology with a strong presence in China.

    Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanwangglobal
    Company: http://www.outpostcapital.com

    Networking Lounge

    Breakout Rooms

    Room-scale VR Lounge - Powered by HTC Vive, Valve & Puget Systems.

    About Khronos Group http://www.khronosgroup.org
    Khronos is a not for profit, member-funded consortium dedicated to the creation of royalty-free open standards for graphics, parallel computing, vision processing, and dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms from the desktop to embedded and safety critical devices. Khronos APIs are key technologies in their respective markets, such as Vulkan and OpenGL in graphics and gaming, WebGL in 3D web graphics, and OpenVX and OpenCL in embedded vision and compute.

    The OpenXR™ working group - has wide industry support and is creating an open and royalty-free standard for VR and AR applications and devices. https://www.khronos.org/openxr

    Check out the new Open VR initiative and Event Coverage from GDG 2017 in San Francisco.

    Announcing OpenXR™: The Khronos Virtual Reality Initiative announced in December is making rapid progress in designing an open standard for portable Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality apps and devices. The group is made up of a who’s-who of VR industry leaders working together to combat industry fragmentation in these markets. Any interested companies are invited to join Khronos to get involved and help steer the VR industry.

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