Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meeting

Lisp on the GPU: For a twisted sort of fun & questionable profit

  • Teknologihuset

    Pilestredet 56, Oslo (edit map)

  • The talk will be a tour through CEPL, a library that makes GL feel native in lisp & Varjo, a lisp to GLSL compiler.

    Along with why anyone would do this, we will look at the kinds of benefits that using a language like lisp can give when coming to graphics, including live coding, extending functionality of the shader language & also bending the host language’s syntax to be able to express come gpu code more succinctly.

    There will be pizza at 17:45 and an a frankly reckless number of macros. The Presentation will start at 18:00.

    Chris is a programmer at Fuse where they are making tools for developing apps live, although not in lisp smile

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