Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meeting

OpenGL/GLSL workshop for @party Preparation - Get your demos ready!


  • Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) - 14th Floor

    1 Broadway (crossing of Broadway & 3rd St), Cambridge, MA, Cambridge, MA (edit map)

  • @party is only a month away! If you have not yet registered, go do so now… OK, good. Now that you’re registered, time to start working on your demo submission! We will have a team of graphics experts on hand, ready to assist you with any difficulties you might be having with OpenGL, GLSL, or programming in general.

    Bring any half-finished ideas you’ve been working or procrastinating on, and we’ll help you bring them to a presentable state. Or find something from Shadertoy you like the look of and we’ll hack it down to its basics and put it back together into something new.

Affiliated Chapter Boston, USA Register