Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meeting

Use OpenCL with R for HPC & OpenGL/Vulkan for interactive visualisation

  • Thursday, August 11, 2016

    Needs a location

  • Location to TBD

  • This time around, we will have distinguished speaker Dr Josh Bowden from CSIRO, talking to us about developing OpenCL applications for High Performance Computing, as a package in R.


    Package development in R with OpenCL for high performance computing


    The statistical programming language “R” has a firm place in thetoolset of scientific data analysis due to its accessibility, extensibility, plethoraof powerful statistical tools and high quality graphics outputs suitable forpublication. Its popularity has meant that high performance computingfacilities have had to ensure it is part of available software on. This has alsomeant that facilities have had to try to address R’s downsides, of which itsdesign as a single threaded application is often an impediment. There havebeen many ways that this performance bottleneck has been addressed, andthis talk goes into the use of OpenCL as another avenue of derivingperformance from the R programming language. I’ll present a couple of casestudies that have benefited from use of the OpenCL and look at R packagestructure that allows OpenCL based code to be integrated with R.

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