Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meeting

Virtual Realities: How graphics standards are solving the challenges of VR

  • to

  • Institute of Education, Nunn Hall

    20 Bedford Way, WC1H 0AL (edit map)

  • http://www.ucl.ac.uk/maps/ioe

  • On the eve before the first Develop:VR conference in London, come along to find out and discuss the challenges of rendering Virtual Reality content, and how Khronos’ graphics standards are enabling VR across millions of devices.

    The event is focused on the graphics rendering aspects of VR, and is intended to be of interest to both those using APIs like OpenGL ES and WebGL directly, as well as developers that use game engines to produce VR content that want to gain a better understanding of how this is achieved.


    17:00-18:30: Networking & Demos

    • Tours of CAVE
    - Space on tours limited - separate booking required on:

    • VR demos

    18:45-20:15: Technical Presentations

    • Welcome
    - Alon Or-bach, Samsung Electronics

    • Introduction to the challenges of VR
    - Gemma Paris, ARM

    • Overview of VR rendering techniques
    - Michael Worcester, Imagination Technologies

    • Multiview: The story of four W’s and an H
    - Thomas Poulet, ARM

    • Ultra-Low Latency Virtual Reality
    - Sebastian Friston, UCL

    • Developing Esper for GearVR
    - Ross Furmidge, Coatsink

    • Adventures in WebGL and WebVR
    - Dave Evans, PlayCanvas

    20:15-21:00: Panel Discussion

    • VR vs GPU optimisations – is the direction of travel for GPUs at odds with the low-latency needs of VR?
    - Alon Or-bach, Samsung Electronics
    - Anthony Steed, UCL
    - Chris Maughan, NVIDIA
    - Michael Worcester, Imagination
    - Ross Furmidge, Coatsink
    - Sebastian Friston, UCL

    NOTE: Meetup RSVP may not guarantee attendance!

    Space is limited at the event, so we will be emailing all attendees RSVPed nearer the event to confirm their attendance.