Upcoming Khronos Chapter Meeting

Workshop: Graphical Demo Effects in OpenGL

  • Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) - 14th Floor

    1 Broadway (crossing of Broadway & 3rd St), Cambridge, MA, Cambridge, MA (map)

  • In past Khronos meetups or while browsing shadertoy.com you may have seen some cool graphical “demo” effects and wondered how they worked and if you could code something like that yourself. Well you’re in luck, because for April’s meetup, in the lead up to the @party demoparty (http://atparty-demoscene.net) this June, we’re running a workshop to help you develop effects for your own demo. The workshop will start with an explanation of the inner workings of various classic demoscene effects such as plasmas, twisters, and fractal transformations, followed by a tutorial on raymarching. We’ll then go on to talk about how to use elements and lessons learned from classic effects to make cool three dimensional raymarched scenes.

    So long as you’ve got a laptop with a modern WebGL-enabled browser capable of running effects on shadertoy.com, you should be able to follow along with most of the examples. The workshop will be lead by @party main organizer Mike “Dr.Claw” Piantedosi, but anybody else who has experience writing graphical effects and making demos is welcome to contribute.

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